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In the close vicinity of Sibenik, one can find numerous charming settlements. Spending summer in Vodice, for example, is a guarantee of a season well spent. The destination is very popular due to fine beaches and pristine coastal localities, not to mention that it is surrounded with many islands just waiting to be explored.  Here are five reasons which greatly contributed to the popularity of Vodice.

Natural Splendor

Literally being in the center of Dalmatia, Vodice is very close to numerous sites of natural beauty. This includes the beautiful Kornati Archipelago and Valley of Krka River, both of which were proclaimed national parks. Vransko Lake is also worthy of your interest, as it is the largest natural lake on Croatian premises.

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Coastal Enjoyments

Summer in Vodice is an exquisite experience, much thanks to fantastic beaches the settlement features. The most popular ones are Plava, Hangar, Imperial and Srima. All of these feature crystal clear Adriatic Sea and lots of content for your leisure.

Active Vacation

You can’t get too lazy on your holiday, as there are so many great things to do. Submerge under water and visit ancient structures and old vessel wreckages. Explore the immediate surroundings of Vodice on a bike or kayak, or just venture into big game fishing sessions, seeking the large fishes which inhabit the local aquatorium.

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Dental Tourism

One of the most unique features of Croatian tourist offer is well-established in Vodice. The local dental experts hold highest standards of service, and use contemporary technologies in their work. Some visitors of Croatia come to the country in order to join their summer holidays with oral healthcare, as the prices are much lower than in their homeland. Dental clinics of Vodice are more than ready to satisfy the demand.

Centuries of History

Although Vodice is a rather small settlement, it has a very long history. It has a lot of archeological digs on its territory, which prove the length of its tale. Most of old structures belong to old Romans and Illyrians, whose civilizations ruled the area in past. These include Srima-Prizba and Velika Mrdakovica.  Vodice also has a lot of religious sites, such as old churches, the oldest being called “St.Cross” (Crkvica Svetog Kriza) dating from early 15th century.

Marija Mihic / CROPIX Agency
Marija Mihic / CROPIX Agency

These were just five reasons people love to spend summer in Vodice. Reserve your stay in upcoming seasons and realize why this settlement became so popular on Croatian coast.

Photo: Cropix Agency


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