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In Croatia, coffee is more than a quick shot of caffeine.  It is tied with long talks and conversations on variety of topics- some might be trivial, while other may be more complex in nature. This is what is known as coffee culture and is a reason why most café terraces in Croatia are occupied during daytime. There’s always enough time for a cup, and it is gladly enjoyed by people of all backgrounds.

Yet, there are some unjustified beliefs about the black nectar that circulate the world. These myths about coffee are unrelated to truth and deserve to be exposed, so that your next up can be enjoyed without stress. Let’s examine them right now!

Afternoon Coffee Leads to Insomnia

Caffeine is stimulant and provides boost to our metabolism. Of course, staying away is part of the experience. But the compound is processed easily through liver and leaves our bodies in four to seven hours.  That’s plenty of time to process the drink and have a good night sleep later.

Coffee helps with Hangover

Having an exciting nightlife? You might have heard that coffee helps with the dire consequences. However, the nectar isn’t the best way to deal with these things. It may provide a quick relief, but shouldn’t be treated as a cure.

Coffee Influences Person’s Height

The idea is simple: if you drink coffee during your youth, you may end up being slightly shorter than the rest of people. Because as every chemist knows, coffee is full of atoms that add weight to your hair and push your body downwards. The fact that numerous basketball players enjoyed this drink in their younger years is just coincidence.

Darker Coffee Brands are Stronger

The color of the liquid doesn’t mean anything, really. It just shows how much the grains were roasted. The process actually influences caffeine actually provides sour layers to drink’s aroma.

There’s No Place for Coffee in Croatia

How could that be, knowing that residents perceive it as a part of their own culture? Explore the world of Croatian café bars and learn why the nectar is part of local life.

These were some myths about coffee that might have troubled your conscience. Now, eased by this knowledge, you are free to enjoy your favorite drink anywhere in the world (Croatia included).

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