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Searching for inspiration regarding winter in Croatia? We bring you a list of five modern cottages, located in the country’s highlands. They are technically joining the old tradition of Croatian wooden construction with new architectural approaches. As such, they are really pleasant and inspiring places to be. Check out these Croatian “Hizas”, as they are often called.


A Miniature of Zagorje

In 1999, architect Ivica Plavec decided to make a modular house for his family. The construction site produced his design in ten days, and delivered the house to the settlement of Bobovec Rozganski. Made of spruce tree, and having about 100 square meters in size, this wooden estate was made under influence of cardak homes from Posavina region. Functional, yet charming, it is a cottage with a twist.


The Weekend House of Gorski Kotar

Although modest, this home features positive atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings. The owners eagerly wait for every free day in their busy schedule, hoping to spend some time in lovely outdoors of Gorski Kotar Region. The cottage wasn’t expansive to built, but it provided the family with fantastic moments and awing memories.


The Hiza of Kumrovec

The unique blend of old and new construction approaches comes from the drawing board of architect Davor Matekovic. Greatly inspired by the past days of Croatia, this notable individual renovated an old home into a modern house in outdoors of Zagorje region. It is located near Kumrovec, the birthplace of internationally known 20th century leader Josip Broz Tito.


The Home under The Walnut Tree

Another fancy estate in Gorski Kotar, this one is located under a picturesque walnut tree. Thanks to architects of PRO-S architectural studio, the house has a large terrace and fantastic view of neighboring Klek Mountain.


The Fairy of Mrkopalj

Close to Celimbas skiing ground, this house is actually constructed from Finnish pine tree. It was a joint effort of Croatian and foreign investors, made with wish to preserve the tradition of building wooden cottages.

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