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As Christmas approaches on the calendar, people of Croatia are prepping for the grandiose holiday. Celebrated across the world by nations of all cultural backgrounds, the day marks the peak of Merry Season and an opportunity for communing with family, friends and associates. And of course, the aforementioned activities go well with fine food. Here are five dishes that can usually be found on Christmas table in Croatia, and which may spice up your celebration as well.

Home Made Soup

It may not be solely a custom of people in Balkan Region, but many locals have “the set” of exquisite dining vessels that is used only in special cases. The large soup bowl is usually the largest part of collection, and it would seem highly inappropriate to fill it with anything but home-made soup.  Searching for an inspiration for this kind of food? How about making some porcini soup or the one featuring corn and noodles?

Horseradish Sauce

Like spicy dishes? Well, they all become spicy if you combine them with a teaspoon of thick horseradish sauce. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it. Just take the plant’s root, clean it up and grate it into a bowl. Add some salt and just a tiny pour of boiling soup. Once it cools down, add some cream to balance the spiciness.

Zagorje Turkey

Especially popular in continental part of Croatia, turkey dishes are a must for Christmas time. Those harvested in the region of Zagorje are considered especially tasty so everybody dreams about having their own zagorska purica on the table. With such great ingredient, many options are available, all equally tasty. Let the tale of Croatian Chef Branko Zufika serve as an inspiration for your turkey serving this Christmas.


Some may say that sarmas are just meatballs rolled in cabbage, but to Croats they are really a matter of culinary prestige. Different families add their own touches, always in pursuit for ideal sarma meal. Commonly combined with mashed potatoes and in some cases bacon, this delicious food can be consumed even days after being cooked. As a matter of fact, it may taste even better. Follow this recipe and have sarma on your Croatian Christmas table.


Among the most cherished desserts in Croatia, orahnjaca (sometimes called orehnjaca) is a great sweet support for your Merry Season dining. Essentially a wrapped walnut fill, its vortex-like pattern immediately triggers the good mood. Learn how to make this delicacy in your own home, and don’t hesitate to couple it with a cup of tea or coffee.

These were five foods that you can find on Croatian Christmas Table. It is a short selection, as there are many other tasty ways that local people enjoy during the Merry Season.

Based on Article by: Slavica Sagolj / Dobra Hrana