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Do you have a couple of extra million Euros at your disposal? Than you can think of buying a grandiose villa in Croatia, as lot of these estates are searching for new owners. To be honest,  in current state  they could use some renovation. However, to imaginative person they are literally canvases for making a gorgeous home away from home. Here are five villas waiting to become your private mansions in Croatia.

Villa Cingrija

Villa Cingrija

Any movie stars reading this? Prior to being on sale, the beautiful Mediterranean villa of Cingrija was in ownership of Croatian television. It is a large building with huge park serving instead of a garden. The total size of Cingrija estate is over 4500 square meters, and you can find it in Dubrovnik.

Zagreb, 01.08.2014 - Kuce u drzavnom vlasnistvu u Nazorovoj i Slavujevcu

Presidential Nest in Nazorova

A large housing building in Nazorova street of Zagreb had better days in past. Today, it slowly deteriorates due to time and lack of care. However, with a little investment, it could return to its glory days. Surrounded by green, and situated in peaceful neighborhood, it lies just across residence of Tudman family, whose member Franjo was the first president of modern Croatian state.

Opatija, 28.09.2013 - Vila Kremesek

Villa Kremensek

One of Croatia’s first tourist resorts, Opatija, has a large villa called Kremensek. For years now, it lies abandoned, despite its good location and impressive size of almost 2800 square meters. Hopefully, it won’t stay in such state for long.

Lovran, 12.07.2012 - Odmaraliste HZ-a Villa Toplice na adresi Setaliste Marsala Tita 3

Toplice of Lovran

Previously belonging to Croatian Railway Service, Villa Toplice is located in town of Lovran. A small diner was present on first floor, and the entire estate has 1024 square meters in size.

Skola Kumrovec 231009

Commie School

Originally a school for political sciences, the large estate in Kumrovec became a museum of communist regime and its achievements. Today, it seeks a devoted comrade or capitalistic investor for new owner, who will hopefully return it to its former shine.

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