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Spending some time in a peaceful hamlet is a dream to many people of modern times. There’s no better way to connect with nature and establish a more stable state of mind. Thankfully, Croatia has many spots that will satisfy such need. Here is a list of Croatian settlements you may want to explore during your stay in the country.


Located in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, Cigoc has been proclaimed European Village of Storks. A large number of these magnificent animals live on this locality, developing strong bonds among themselves and village residents. Cigoc is also charming thanks to its traditional wooden houses and long walking paths, serving as an ideal locality for those who like outdoors.


In close vicinity of Slunj town, one of the most unique Croatian settlements waits to be discovered. Unique on global scale, Rastoke is literally situated in the streams of rivers and creeks. Surrounded with waterfalls and full of family-owned mills, it is a destination that resembles fable scenery. If visiting, don’t hesitate to try freshly caught trout and traditional bread.


Having medieval vibe thanks to its narrow streets and sacral objects, Groznjan is among the most attractive settlements of inland Istria. The locality is also tendering its artistic side, staging jazz festivals and fine art exhibitions throughout the entire year. Fans of good food have plenty of reasons to visit, key examples being truffle dishes and home-made honey.


High on slopes of northern Velebit, Kuterevo village greets visitors with untouched nature and numerous sites of interest. Yet, the settlement’s most unique feature is its bear sanctuary. Several specimens of these fascinating beings are under Kuterevo protection, and the village plays an important role in their protection. Please note that bears sleep during winter months, so if you wish to see them, plan your visit during other seasons.

Knezevi Vinogradi

Literally translated, the name of this county would be “The Noble’s Vineyards”. It is about 20 kilometers away from Osijek, serving as a great rural locality in Baranja region. A prime destination for fans of good food and great wine, Knezevi Vinogradi can also provide you with great adrenaline-filled activities such as canoeing and paintball. You may also find joy in having an overnight stay in traditional residences, as well as fishing next to local creeks. The village of Karanac is especially picturesque and worthy of your attention.

These were merely five Croatian settlements that can provide a gorgeous vacation in the country. Visit our Destinations Section and find even more places to enjoy in Croatia.

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