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We said it before, and we won’t stop saying it again in the future. Croatia is not just beaches and remote islands. A lot of inland localities are well worthy of your visit, and will provide magnificent vacation time. Here are five Croatian ranches for family stay, perfect destinations to strenghten the mutual bonds and give your children an exciting adventure in safe environment. Embrace peace and quiet of rural Croatia, meet charming animals and learn how locals coexisted with nature for numerous centuries.

Vukov Breg

Literally translated, the name of this site would be Wolf’s Mountain. But don’t worry, wolves aren’t commonly found in the vicinity, and the beautiful region of Medimurje is very safe to explore. Fresh air and private playground are guarantee of your child’s enjoyment, while you and your spouse can taste prime wine and foods next to friendly slopes.  In summer days, you can find refreshment in a small pool. Visit Vukov Breg’s Facebook Profile for more information and contact options.

Saricevi Dvori

Saricevi Dvori Official

Situated near Town of Primosten in Sibensko-Kninska County, this picturesque estate was featured in musical video „Cutin Se Lipo“of Croatian singer Giuliano. Grownups can be entertained by bowling and long outdoor walks through local vineyards, while youngest will surely cherish the company of donkeys, chickens and turtles.  Schedule your arrival with a simple click.

Dva Potoka

Dva Potoka Official

A restaurant situated in Zapresic Town could be a perfect excursion point if you are in northwest Croatia. Dva Potoka (literally translated, Two Creeks) is frequently visited by residents of Zagreb and surrounding settlements, as it offers great ranch-like atmosphere and plenty of content for children, including a private playground and small zoo. Of course, the food being served is also a feature that draws guests. Find more reasons for visiting here (the source is only in Croatian language at this time).


Kezele Official

The charming estate of Kezele waits for you in Croatia’s Moslavina region. In addition to playgrounds and sport terrains, it provides its visitors with some rather unique attractions, including horse riding sessions and tractor drives. All guests are welcomed in picturesque houses, surrounded with nothing but pristine natural outdoors. Feel invited to Moslavina, and schedule your arrival to Kezele. It is really an impressive addition to our list of Croatian ranches for family stay.

Korablja Tisinic

Koralblja Tisinic Official

If your children can’t resist cute animals, Korablja Tisinic is the place to go. You can find this locality near Petrinja town and meet its charming lamas, deer, peacocks and friendly canines. For additional entertainment, a bouncy castle is also available, as well as prime food delicacies. The charming estate of Korablja Tisinic is ready to provide you with an original stay.

These were five Croatian ranches for family stay.  Visit at least one of these localities, and have a gorgeous time with your loved ones.

Original Article: Gloria / Hanza Media