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Christmas does great things to interior design. Gathering places are decorated with things such as pine tree branches and red socks for Santa, and despite all the colors involved, it is difficult to fall in kitsch. Plus, the season comes with sales and extra offers on all fields, gathering places included. Here are five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb which are bound to support your holiday vibe.

Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb


Known to be the favorite gathering place of foreign football fans, especially those coming from UK, this pub can be found in Bogoviceva Street 6 and has late-night working hours. Visiting the spot during Christmas season opens possibility of enjoying the mulled wine, punch and various kinds of whiskeys and brandies. Their restaurant offers sausage meals for as low as 15 HRK / 2 €. The Christmas concert of Robert Marekovic and Swingers is scheduled for December 23rd.

Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb

Boja Caffe

Located just next to Vinodol restaurant in Teslina Street 10, Boja offers free pastry rolls for every visitor ordering a drink during weekend. In addition to charming interior, the spot offers tasty syrups of sage, lavender, elder and raspberries. The delicious mulled wine of extra quality can be bought for 18 HRK / 2.40 €.

Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb

History Bar

A relatively new addition to renowned Tkalciceva Street, History has found its home on number 68. Since it is open up to 4:00 a.m. it is a place where you can literally bump in the middle of the night and have a drink before departing to the dreamland. In this happy season, History has a very tasty offer on the menu. A glass of Portugizac wine accompanied with chestnut mousse can be yours for merely 21 HRK / 2.8 €.

Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb

Witness Lounge Bar

If you spend some time on promenades of lovely Zrinjevac Park, you can have a warm drink in this cozy bar, situated in Amruseva Street 1. The site offers its standard choice of top-notch coffees and cocktails, which will certainly satisfy your luxurious lounge needs. Plus, it has a view of Christmas Fair!

Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb


Situated just below Tuskanac Art Cinema House, which became internationally recognized spot for lovers of seventh art, Velvet retains its charming atmosphere even in winter months. Stylishly designed, the café offers a special selection of pastry products for Christmas time. A glass of white mulled wine can be bought for 15 HRK/ 2 €. The location is Dezmanova Street 9.

This concludes our list of Five Christmas Cafés in Zagreb. If you’d like to add your favorite spot to our list, take a photo of it, and upload to our Facebook Wall.


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