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A lot of interesting things is being erected at the moment in Croatia, including some impressive tourist complexes and accommodation spaces. Let’s see what the last year brought on the table, in our list of five best works of architecture in 2016.  Croatia only, of course.


Svetice Pool Complex

Croatian capital might be 200 kilometers away from the Adriatic coast, but it can still provide a perfect bathing experience. The new pool complex in Svetice neighborhood has been projected by local architects educated at prestigious ETH University of Zürich. Tied with surrounding nature thanks to a large glass window, the pool has quickly became a favorite spot to many local citizents and their foreign guests. It is nominated for this year’s Mies van der Rohe award.

Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Hotel Amarin

Already covered by Like Croatia here, Hotel Amarin is the newest addition to an already impressive list of accommodation sites in Istrian Rovinj. Described as a gigantic didactic toy, Amarin is a hotel like no other. Turned towards family and play, it is part playground, part luxurious staying place. It literally provides a experience on its own in Croatia.


The Apoxiomen Museum

A few years ago, a 2000-year old statue of a human figure was discovered by scuba divers near Velo Orluje inlet. A museum exhibiting the finding has been organized in Mali Losinj. It involves a dark room which introduces the scarce data we know about the statue, followed by a colorful room inspired by algae layers which covered the marble. Finally, the last room shows the exhibit itself. It is a unique place which connects art and history.

Jure Zivkovic / CROPIX

The Museum of Lakes and Rivers

Another great attraction we covered on our site, this fantastic museum can be found on the banks of river in Karlovac City. It is perfectly blended with surrounding natural sceneries, so much that it is virtually unnoticeable from the distance. Yet, once you enter its interior, you are introduced with a novel world of underwater life. The Museum hosts several thousand fishes, which dwell peacefully in their respective aquariums.

Bosnic Dorotic

Family House in Zagreb

A group of architects gathered under the name NFO has tasked themselves with a unique challenge. How to make an ordinary, yet modern and distinctive estate for family life? Their new approach to this premise hasn’t gone unnoticed, as the erected building near Jarun Lake in Zagreb surely received a lot of attention.

These were five best works of architecture in Croatia’s 2016.  Give us your impressions on these complexes and buildings in our comments section below.


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