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Grab your cameras! It’s time to reveal some truly fascinating tours of Croatia, which will provide your photographic talent with things to frame and inspiration to follow. Not to mention that these encounters are your big chance to meet interesting people who share your passion, as well as opportunity to learn a lot of tips from experts in the field.

Croatian Photo Tour

Made to satisfy both dedicated professionals and passionate amateurs, this tour covers numerous photo-places of Croatian country, from UNESCO World-Heritage sites to picturesque and charming little villages. Every location can be used to tell a different tale, and you will discover them with a handy help of instructor Paul Bailey.

Venturing Croatia’s Capital

With nine centuries of continual existence, Zagreb has a lot to offer to his visitors. From archaic legends to modern urban myths, it is a city where camera can easily reveal what is hidden to a naked eye. Discover Croatian capital in its architecture, culture and atmosphere as you make your very own story under its roofs. Join this tour, and see why Zagreb became such a strong tourist competition to country’s coastal destinations.

Discovering Bird Realms of Lonjsko Polje

Have you ever thought of working for National Geographic? If the answer is positive, you can practice your talent for nature shots in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. Beautiful sights and astonishing number of bird species wait to become a part of your exhibition (or at least a gallery in your album). And who knows, maybe in a couple of years, you will actually become a part of Natgeo’s team, thanks to this tour.

Which locations for photographing would you suggest in Croatia? Send us your ideas in the comments section below.


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