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A few years ago, Ivica Rudelic replaced the busy streets of Zagreb with cozy village of Debelo Brdo. His charming estate can easily become your Croatian home in Debelo Brdo, and provide you with relaxing vacation in the country’s mountainous Lika region.

“It all started about a decade ago,” Ivica explains. “I visited my grandmother during a hot day, and decided to have lunch in the outdoors. I placed the table in the front yard of this house, and it dawned to me that it looks very inviting.”

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After that day, Ivica has invested a lot of time and effort to bring this Lika house into proper order. “My dream was to make it look like a traditional Croatian estate from the middle of 20th century. That wasn’t very difficult, as I had a lot of furniture from that period in the attic of the house.”

This old Croatian home in Debelo Brdo needed a lot of adjustments in order to become as lovely as it is today. For example, a small horse stable was renovated in order to become a pleasant living room, featuring an open fireplace and a bed on the gallery.

Find Your Croatian Home in Debelo Brdo (10)

“I am very proud of the large closet I renovated for the estate,” Ivica adds, showing the impressive piece of furniture. “It was a gift for my grandmother’s wedding in 1947. I have also decorated the walls with numerous traditional Lika ornaments, all authentic and hand-made.”

The house is surrounded with a thick forest, which can be strolled thanks to a lovely promenade, leading to the slopes of Velebit Mountain. However, Ivica also suggests his visitors to take advantage of the stone-paved terrace behind the house. “It is a sort of prolonged living room, a space in which you can dine, read or just enjoy being in the open.”

Find Your Croatian Home in Debelo Brdo (10)

Once final touches are finished to this estate, Ivica will begin his career in rural tourism. Book your stay and meet this Croatian Home in Debelo Brdo by contacting Gospic Tourist Board. Check out the looks of the house in our photo gallery below:


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