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In the next two weeks, the Croatian City of Dubrovnik will once again become a large outdoor filming set. The newest edition of ‘Robin Hood’ tale will be recorded in the city’s historical core, and the movie’s director, Otto Bathurst, shared some thoughts with LC source.

„Before I discovered Dubrovnik, I spent three months in England, desperately searching for a destination resembling medieval Nottingham. But once I came here, I immediately knew that this was the right place,” Bathurst explained. “We were also delighted with the fact that no obstacles challenged our work here. On other destinations, people were restricting our options, but Dubrovnik was very open for all our wishes.”

The film’s executive producer, E. Bennett Walsh, affirmed Bathurst’s statements. “We found local people very co-operative, and I’m really grateful for that. We are also very thankful to your Ministry of Culture, as their incentives made our filming here possible,” Walsh commented.

Not much is known about the upcoming version of Robin Hood, but producers hinted that it will be much more different than previous versions. It will uphold the entertaining layer of the tale, but underline the topic of corruption and ability of an individual to fight for what is true.

Croatian Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli explained that filming of ‘Robin Hood’ in Dubrovnik should be considered as the beginning of this year’s tourist season. “The movie-making industry is an important business for our tourism efforts, throughout the entire year,” Cappelli explained.

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