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Anamarija Lovrincevic was born in Split and has finished education for a freightage officer. Yet, tides of life brought her far from the borders of Croatia, and settled her on one of the country’s most known islands- Solta. There, her new career began, the one dealing with agricultural fields. Anamarija was kind enough to tell us what being a farmer on Island of Solta looks like, and how she takes care of her estate in the village of Srednje Selo.

Being a Farmer

“Not in my wildest dreams have I imagined to spend my life on an island, being a farmer,” Anamarija explains with a smile. “But I really enjoy it to every extent, together with my husband.”

Solta is known to have an ostrich farm, but thanks to Lovrincevic family, the Island received a site guarding its indigenous animal species: Busa cows, Dalmatian Pramenka Sheep, Hladnokrvnjak Stallions and several breeds of goats. “We fell in love with the site twelve years ago, as we spent our vacation in neighboring Maslinica,” Anamarija explains. “And here we are now, enjoying the beauty of rural life for more than a decade.”

Being a Farmer

The specimens of Lovrincevic ranch are quite recognized on Croatian agricultural scene. Cow Milka has won the third place last summer on the Fair in Zadvarje, while their milk products are also getting attention. The farm produces cheese, whey, yoghurt and regional dairy specialties. And while being a farmer on Island of Solta is a delight, some challenges exist as well. “We don’t have a veterinary station on the island, so we need to have a constant communication with the one in Solin. These people are very professional and always ready for a tip or suggestion over the telephone. Sometimes, they even send medicines with a ferry.”

There are also plans to add tourist attractions to Lovrincevic ranch. According to Anamarija, the family plans to acquire a carriage, so that visitors of Solta might tour the island in a pleasant and unique way (courtesy of mares Greta, Astor and Zita). Now, that would be a romantic addition to already splendid tourist offer Solta has.

Being a Farmer

Life of a farmer is hard. But it also has some great advantages, as proven by this lovely estate on Croatian coastline.


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