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Croatian model and journalist Fani Stipkovic currently lives and works in distant Madrid, the capital of Spain. She became quite popular on global scale when several influential media sources proclaimed her to be one of the most desirable upcoming TV-faces. In addition to her aspiring press career, Fani also designs clothes, and has a line of her very own swimming suits. However, judging from the recent photos, she doesn’t mind modeling for competition. Especially when the competition in question is the renowned Khongboon Company.

The popular brand, led by designer Supaporn Khongboon, is a synonym for a classy bikini suit. Their products are inspired by regions of Mediterranean and Azure coasts, as well as sandy beaches of Thailand, from which the designer descends. Khongboon suits are characterized by unique prints and fine materials used in the manufacture, as well as the ability to wear tops and panties from both sides, therefore providing the user with four bikini suits in one.

Fani Stipkovic Khongboon (1)

Khongboon has chosen Fani Stipkovic to be their latest model, presenting a limited collection of seven suits with three original styles. The line was named after charming Croatian journalist, whose charismatic and sexy look didn’t go unnoticed by Khongboon leaders.

“We are very happy for this cooperation, and plan to continue in the similar fashion,” clothes giant officials explained to Like Croatia source. “Fani is a very professional model, but also a very recognizable face on the world media scene. She had a lot of interviews with famous people, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful journalists currently in business.”

Khongboon didn’t want to skip the country of Stipkovic’s origin. The photo session for the new line of products has been organized in Croatia. More precisely, on wonderful beach of Sakarun on the Island of Dugi Otok. The fable-like site always finds a way to reach the list of top Adriatic destinations, and with Fani in charge, it will probably get a few more likes and shares on Facebook.

Check out the result of Khongboon’s cooperation with Fani in our photo gallery below:


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