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Croatian underwater numbers thousands of fascinating sites which wait to be visited by adventurous divers. From sunken ghost-ships of Adriatic sleeping for decades under the waves to mysterious signs some connect with extraterrestrial activity, Croatian submerged realms are a place to be if you want a beautiful adventure. Exploring the Depths around Vis Island is especially thrilling.

Rich in animal life, yet safe from big predators, Adriatic is a perfect sea for beginners and attendants of diving school lessons. Numerous companies instruct Croatian guests on scuba activities, some even offering certificates of excellence to those with more eagerness for submerged life.

If you had the joy of exploring the depths around Vis Island, or any other Croatian island, feel free to upload a photo or two to our Facebook Wall and share your experience with our online community. In the meantime, you can also check out this photo gallery to witness what Vis underwater surrounding looks like.


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