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Because Croatia’s coast received such high popularity on global scale, the country’s continental regions easily slip from one’s attention. That is a shame, knowing how many great things can be experienced on their premises. Piros Cazma, for example, is a restaurant in Baranja which attracts numerous visitors, both local and foreign. The menu consists of prime local delicacies, prepared in accordance with owner’s family tradition.

The diner can be found in Suza village, in close vicinity of Osijek. It is located in Marsala Tita Street 101, and the owners can be reached on e-mail .You can also contact them via telephone on the number 098372480.

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Piros Cizma has a vivid, rustic interior which immediately triggers comfort. During our visit, we were personally greeted by the owner, and offered first-class medica as a welcoming drink. It is a strong spirit made of honey, and one of the most loved appetizers in Croatia.

As Baranja has a lot of lakes and rivers, the recommendation was that we try fish delicacies. The chef leading the kitchen has a very imaginative mind, and offered eight meals based on perch alone. Some of us have followed the advice, while others opted to have tasty marinated catfish on radicchio and chicory salad.

Kopacki rit, 09.09.2013 - Reportaza iz Kopackog rita

Sweat home-made pumpkin soup has also been a great pick, and the dessert was following the pattern. We had chocolate cake with almonds and forest fruit mousse, fresh cheese cake combined with pears cooked in wine and poppy with red wine mousse.  Not all meals are traditional to Baranja region, but the chef’s original approach and talent for combining tastes won’t leave you unimpressed.


In addition to food, Piros Cizma also offers hospitality services, so spending a few days in Baranja is a viable option.  The visitors can entertain themselves with hunting in local forests, fishing in Danube River, attending local wine roads or explore the water surfaces in the canoe. A perfect destination for staying in Croatia outside of summer season, Suza waits for your arrival. Be introduced to Croatia from a different angle, and thrill in its continental sceneries.


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