Like Croatia Sinke

When somebody mentions Croatia, people usually imagine beautiful beaches and prime summer entertainment. And such understanding is very well-founded. But describing crystal-clear sea, huge number of old historical ramparts and wild parties which gather happy faces from all corners of the world soon gets repetitive. That’s why we like to share videos of vacation in Croatia, as each and every of them reveals a new moment or experience the author had as he or she enjoyed his time on Adriatic Coast.

YouTube user Perszing1991 has visited Croatia last year with his gadgety GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, and the following video was the final result of his cameraman skills. Don’t forget to watch it in Full HD 1080p resolution, if able:

From beautiful slopes of Croatian mountains to secret realms of Adriatic underwater , Perszing has experienced a lot of the country’s usual offerings. Have a similar adventure on Croatian coast in 2015! Check out your flight options here.


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