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The Croatian Town of Solin might receive a unique tourist attraction. According to director of local Tourist Board Jelena Stupalo, visitors will soon be able to visit European Flower Garden, a small groove featuring plants from every member of EU. The outdoor site would have 400 square meters in size and be situated next to the town hall. In other words, in the very center of Solin town.

European Flower Garden to Bloom in Solin

According to Stupalo, the leading stars of the European Flower Garden would be local species of flora, such as swamp cypress characteristical for Solin area. Faunal beings, such as distinctively tasty local trout fish, would be presented to visitors through photographs and sculptures, while notable natural localities in the area would receive small models. These include the banks of river Jadro, an important destination for Solin’s tourism. Stupalo also noted that co-operations with local ecological groups and elementary schools are in plan, so the entire community will give their share to the project.

“We believe that ecological museum would provide a notable boost to ecological awareness of our citizens and their respective visitors. It would also encourage supporting campaigns, such as active environmental cleaning, lectures on nature preservation, sport events and outdoor activities, plus general rising of interest for green subjects,” the leading woman of Solin tourism noted.

An interesting feature of the European Flower Garden will be the possibility for guests to bring their own flowers to its soil. Leave your own plant, together with a note describing where it came from and your own name, and share the beauty of your native country’s flora in the middle of Croatia.

The project is expected to develop in the upcoming years, as people of Solin will add informative tablets, small pathways, little lecture halls and a number of benches to the garden. Volunteers will be assigned to work as tour guides, so if you love flowers, Solin is definitely the place to go in Croatia.

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