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Despite social networks keeping us connected all the time, the practice of sending postcards from one’s vacation has not vanished. Croatian Post office went one step further and combined modern technologies with traditional custom, embracing these in the new service called epostcard. It is a very convenient way to send your own, custom-made picture cards and deliver them to addresses of your family and friends back home.

The service is operated via free application, available in App Store and Google Play. It allows you to pick up a photo from your mobile device, attach your own message to it and insert the address of recipients. Your epostcard will be printed on thick paper and sent to corresponding addresses in physical form. The photos can be edited and improved with your icons and drawings, providing extra charm to your pictured message.


Naturally, every epostcard is printed on both sides and goes through the process of laminating for extra protection. Croatian Post Office delivers across the world, so wherever you are sending, people will see how much time you are having fun in the country. In other words, you will become a post office’s star.

If sending epostcard to a local destination, the price of the service is 9.90 HRK / 1.50 €. International deliveries cost 15.90 HRK/ 2.20 €. The application allows you to pay with SMS or credit card. Find more about this unique service of Croatian Post Office on the official website of the application.

Interested in using more online services of Croatia? How about starting with our site? Book your airline seats or find yourself a cozy accommodation in the country’s beautiful regions. They are just several clicks away. And have we mentioned you can also use our rent-a-car options and travel through Croatia on your own? Don’t hesitate to send us an epostcard from your adventurous voyages.


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