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Adriatic might be too cold for swimming at the moment, but fishing on its coast is completely another story. All you need is to take your rod, find a good spot, throw bait, and wait for the catch to emerge. In the meantime, you can enjoy fresh air, or the fantastic scenery of Croatian sea around you.

Such site can be experienced in Stobrec, a small Dalmatian town which administratively serves as a suburb of Split. It’s not a secret that, while you read this, the residents of Stobrec are already preparing for the upcoming tourist season. After all, the summer is just around the corner. But, as you can see on the picture below, there is always time to light up a cigarette, lie on the ground, and wait for dinner to catch itself.

Zvonimir Barisin CROPIX Agency (8)

Initially, Stobrec was a Greek settlement known as Epetium. It was founded in 3rd century BC, and as history book got thicker, it changed its governors and masters. Early Christians constructed a basilica in 5th century, which is available for a visit even now. Stoberc’s ancient architectural remains can be seen on the settlement’s northern side.

For those more interested in physical activity, the town is known for its active golf and scuba diving clubs. Playing tennis is also an option, and members of Stobrec’s chess society are always happy to meet the foreign challenger.  To participate in these activities, you should contact the town’s tourist office at

In a few months, Stobrec will receive thousands of tourists. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, void of crowds and noise, consider visit right now. You can see on our photos that it won’t disappoint.


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