Like Croatia Sinke

Are you ready to have a glimpse of Croatia on your own table? Here is how you can prepare a special squid stew, one of many that were inspired by the pleasant coasts of the Mediterranean. This specific one is prepared on the Island of Brac.

What you will need

600 g squid

500 g chicken peas

2 onions

4 garlic cloves


Olive Oil

Rocket Salad

Shrimp broth

What you will do

Take a large roasting pan and heat the olive oil. Insert the minced onion and garlic, alongside with several celery leafs. Once all these ingredients soften, add squid meat, previously cut on tiny pieces. As mollusk softens, add shrimp broth for some extra taste. At this point, you want to insert the chicken peas too.

The stew should be boiling for about 50 minutes. On the table, serve plates that have a small quantity of rocket salad. These will add refreshing aroma to already tasty dish, once you cover it with stew.

You are free to use other sea ingredients as well, such as mixture of inkfish or octopus. Feel free to add your own flavors as well.

Dobar tek!