Like Croatia Sinke

There are many delicacies that one should try while staying in Croatia, but prosciutto steals the show. The dried pork meat bonds well with many meals but most locals will tell you that it should be consumed alone, between two pieces of home-made bread.  The specialty is of high importance for local food culture, especially in Dalmatia region where it is being prepared for centuries.

Rich in taste even when cut on paper-thin slices, Croatian prosciutto has its own festival called Dani Hrvatskog Prsuta (Days of Croatian Prosciutto).  The event will last between April 26th and 27th in Zagreb Hotel International and feature workshops and panel discussions. The finale will take place on Ban Jelacic square where attractive presentation of best prosciutto products will be organized.

That this Croatian specialty is very demanded on global scale is proven by the fact that its import rates have increased for 59% in the last year. If you have the opportunity, invest in Croatian prosciutto and have a lovely dinner with friends at home. But if arriving to Croatia for summer vacation, don’t hesitate to try this dish at least once.

Feature Photo: Biljana Blivajs / CROPIX