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What would you do with 2500 hours of sun? This is what people of Supetar have to decide every year, as their native Island of Brac counts as the sunniest spot on Adriatic coastline. In addition to having such fruitful friendship with warm sunrays, these people enjoy centuries of local culture, as Brac was settled as early as Roman times.

We have already published one photo gallery depicting Supetar’s unique beauty (you can check it out here) and also introduced you to a stunning photo of its sunset (made without a single photoshoped pixel). But when photographer Joachim Radtke shared with us his work on Supetar, we simply couldn’t resist uploading it to our site.

Supetar’s enchanting surroundings make one feel that magic is real, and that he or she has awakened in a mystic land from fantasy novels. Of course, every tourist-oriented site would use similar words to describe its destinations, so we’ll just leave proving our point to Joachim’s photos. See his gallery below, and visit website Pixxxel if you wish to see more of his work.


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