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The Town of Koprivnica is an important center of Continental Croatia. It is where one of the country’s most known international firms, Podravka Food Company, is headquartered. In addition to this fact, Koprivnica is also a home to numerous friendly residents. One of them, Aki Petran, has a quite unique estate in his ownership. It is literally the enchanted cottage on the tree.

A fantasy from childhood times came to existence thanks to the hard work and lots of detailed planning. Aki’s house has nine cubic meters in size, and is elevated three meters above the ground. “I had several ideas of how to make this small tree house, but eventually, the final look ended up being something utterly different. For example, I imagined the house to have a tent-like roof, but the branches didn’t allow it,” Aki explains.

Initially, this capable Koprivnica-resident wanted to make a fully walled house, but ended up with a small terrace, charmingly surrounded by a tree trunk. “It lowered the material requirement, thus making the entire structure much more lightweight. I think it also looks better in aesthetical field and has more natural vibe.”

For those out there who plan to build their own version of the enchanted cottage on the tree, Aki has several advices. “Try not to harm the plant you are building on. For example, don’t hammer the nails into its trunk or chain its branches with rings used for construction. You’ll probably have to cut a few branches, so cover the cuts with liquid which will ease the recovery of the tree.”

“The first thing you should do after building the house is to paint it. This will greatly increase its durability, and it will serve you for much longer. Go for broad plants, or even consider building a house between two smaller trees.”

Check out what Aki’s wooden home looks like in our photo gallery below:


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