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Island Pag is known for many unique features, but its traditional laces can be perceived as destination’s unofficial symbol. The art of lacework has been practiced by generations of local women, and stands as one of the most recognized features of Croatia at general. Even though girls of contemporary times are more interested in some other things, a lot of them are embracing Pag lacework and intend to keep it alive for upcoming ages.

Embracing Pag Lace

Pag laces are usually made in circular or square shapes, imagined to be used as tabletops or bed covers. Interestingly enough, they proved adaptive to progress and changes in everyday life. For example, when first TV-sets came to Pag many decades ago, it was very common to make a lace for the machine and decorate its upper surface. Thus, modern appliances influence how laces are made even today. Some even experiment with making relatively narrow laces in order to put them on modern televisions, though such attempts are usually perceived as a funny take on the subject. Aforementioned aside, a lot of modern Croatian interior designers implement Pag laces in their work, especially when project wants to tender the region’s tradition and mentality.


To make one of these lovely decorations, the embroiderer has to make around 500 000 needle stabs. Patterns used are always of abstract nature, and usually tied to concrete family. In other words, a girl will base her lace on the patterns used by her mother and grandmother, adding some of her own designs along the way. In this way, laces evolve through the ages.

Those interested in embracing Pag lacework are welcome to visit the Town of Pag itself. At the moment you are reading this, a special festival dedicated to this art is taking place, and will last until June 20th. It will also host embroiderers from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Highlights include performance of Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro and an exhibition of wedding gowns inspired by Pag lace by Hippy Garden brand.

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