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Having a voyage with your loved ones is the best way to spend vacation time. But choosing the right destination can be rather challenging. Thankfully, Croatia offers numerous opportunities for prime family entertainment. Here are eight not-well-known destinations in the country that can be great points for family excursion. Whether you are staying for one day or having a longer vacation, keep these localities on your radar.

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Croatian Zagorje

The region of Zagorje is situated in the northwest parts of the country, in immediate vicinity of Zagreb. Known for its green hills and deep forests, this region resembles a fantasy setting. Visitors are encouraged to explore the grandiose castles of Trakoscan and Veliki Tabor, and learn about local legends and historical background. A Museum of Peasant’s Revolt is also a site worthy of your attention, and can be found in the

Veliki Grdevac

This small village is located just next to City of Bjelovar. It was a birthplace of influential Croatian writer Mate Lovrak and much of the settlement’s cultural identity is tied to this individual. You may also visit a traditional mill man’s house and other content of ethnographic nature.



The Istrian peninsula of Croatia is a known excavation point for dinosaur remains. The locals went one step further and made Croatia’s very first theme park in the settlement of Funtana. Of course, the main theme is lizards from the ancient times. Don’t expect your children to be bored in this Dinopark.

Kljucic Brdo

If you wish to learn more about life in inland Croatia, then Kljucic Brdo can be a great choice for family excursion.  You can find it on the slopes of Vukomericke Gorice, about 25 kilometers away from Croatian Capital. Kljucic Brdo allows you to enjoy walks through pastures, orchards and vineyards.  And while you try local specialties, your tots might have a pleasant meeting with local fauna- from horses and deer to peacocks and smaller boars.

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The oldest national park of Croatia doesn’t need any special introduction. No less than sixteen awe-inspiring lakes wait to be discovered, accessible thanks to promenades and trails. It is a great destination for any visitor, and none of them leaves without positive impressions.

Vransko Lake

The largest natural lake in Croatia is situated between Zadar and Sibenik. It is a vital bird reserve, one of the most important on the entire European Continent. If your family loves natural landscapes and feathery beings, this is the place to go. So far, about 250 different bird species have been sighted in Vransko area and more than third of these make nests on the premises.


Arboretum Trsteno

A large outdoor garden, having no less than 25 hectares in size, waits for visitors in Dubrovacko-Neretvanska County.  In addition to numerous plants of various origins, the arboretum features elements of renaissance architecture and impressive olive grove.


What used to be perceived as a mere transit point, now is an urban settlement that actually attracts visitors. Karlovac is a city surrounded with numerous forts and castles. Not to mention that it has an impressive museum dedicated to rivers and ecosystems they provide.

These were just eight unique destinations in Croatia that are great for family excursion.  Learn more about places to visit in our Destinations section.

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