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When someone mentions the word “vacation,” most people see the same picture in their mind. A beautiful piece of shore with some shade from the sun, a colorful cocktail in hand and bright yellow sand meeting the waves of the sea coming in.

Aah, yes – the sand. We all know that strange feeling of walking over it barefoot, the feeling of crossing a very hot yet pleasant carpet.

The shores of the Mediterranean are mostly rocky, pebbly sites. As such, they have a unique charm of their own. But you’re not reading this text because you want to learn about that. You want to find out where to land on some sand in this country. So here you go – we bring you several picks for locations offering sandy beaches where you can make like a lizard.

 1. Saharun (Dugi otok)

Saharun is a beautiful white sand and pebble beach almost one kilometer long. It’s located on Dugi Otok and is surrounded by natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere. Even in the peak summer season with all-day and all-night beach parties, it never gets overcrowded. Its recognizable feature is a tall lighthouse which proudly serves as a photo landscape. Liked by families and the elderly during the day, and hot young things by night, Saharun is a favorite of everyone.

You’ll love it because: The color of the water is a Caribbean-like blue – it’s quite unique for the Adriatic.


 2. Uvala Lapad Beach (Dubrovnik)

A well-known site to Dubrovnik locals and guests alike, the first beach in Lapad Bay features sand and has a strong, reliable infrastructure for its visitors. Those who don’t want to change their clothes in the bushes can help themselves to changing cabins, while refreshments are always available in one of the several locales on the beach itself. You have at your disposal there sun loungers and umbrellas and are safe under the careful eye of lifeguards.

You’ll love it because:  Uvala Lapad Beach is located just 2.5 km from Old Town and busses there run every ten minutes (take the number 6). Lapad itself is a small center in its own right with a post office, bank, pharmacy and more. This is where you want to go if you’re looking for sand but want to stay connected with the world around you. If, however, you get tired of the crowds and civilization, go for the sandy beach of Sunj. It’s situated on the small island of Lopud, just half an hour by boat from Dubrovnik’s Gruz Harbor.

3. Prapratno Beach (Peljesac)

A village with a strange name surrounded by ancient pine and olive trees? Well, it certainly sounds interesting.  Add a beautiful sandy beach beside the fascinating blue sea, and you’ll probably want to book a ticket to Peljesac Peninsula this instant. And you should – Prapratno Beach is considered by many to be one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful.

You’ll love it because: Prapratno Bay is famous for its warm and shallow water. These make it ideal for families with children. Also, with just a short walk along the beach you can discover hidden rocky beaches providing total isolation if you want to be alone. But don’t be shocked if you see a naked person or two around Prepratno. Its number of nudist beachgoers has been on the rise in the last few years.


4. Vela Przina (Korcula)

Korcula is by default a wonderful island to visit. If for nothing else, then to see Moreska, the warrior dance of Croats. But once the swords are left aside, the soldier within will probably want some R&R. Korcula has numerous small and secluded beaches for you to consider. If you want sand, though, you should head straight for Lumbarda, a village located just 6 kilometers outside Korcula Town. There you’ll find a handful of glorious, sand beaches, the most popular among them Vela Przina.

You’ll love it because: Like we said, this beach is popular. If you want the sand but not the seclusion, this is a beach for you. Just be sure to get in early to catch yourself a spot.

5. Mlaska (Hvar)

Mlaska is located to the north of Hvar, not far from the town of Sucuraj. This sandy beach has shallow waters even 10 meters away from the coast. Thick Mediterranean vegetation above the beach provides shades. Mlaska is home to a famous autocamp of the same name.

You’ll love it because: Its shallow waters are perfect for picigin, which traveling south of Zadar should try.

6. Saldun Bay (Trogir)

Saldun is a bay close to Okrug Gornji Village on the well-known peninsula of Ciovo. It’s a place of avid natural beauty with sandy beaches on either side of its charming marina. The main beach in Saldun has beach bars and restaurants as well as water sports and diving to entertain you.

You’ll love it because: Saldun Bay not only provides sandy beaches but is also a perfect destination for yachting and boating – the neighboring Drvenik islands are known for hiding small, isolated sand coves. If you don’t own your own boat you can rent one to get to the perfect location. Or you can take a tour by ship from the beautiful, UNESCO-protected town of Trogir.

7. Solaris Beach Resort (Sibenik)

Solaris Beach is one of the most recognizable sights of Sibenik. With its view of the surrounding archipelago, massage service and decent trattoria, it is one gem of a tourist destination. But that’s not all. Close to Solaris, there is a Dalmatian ethnic village which serves local food under the peka, making the destination great for gourmands and sensualists alike.

You’ll love it because: It’s fabulous. Just look:

8. Ninska Laguna (Nin)

Close to Zadar but far from its crowds proudly reins the ancient town of Nin. The cradle of Croatian royalty, it’s existed for over a millennia and it serves as a perpetual symbol of the country’s sovereignty. And yes, it has sand beaches. Quite a few actually – the entire lagoon is made of sand and mud. Its most famous beach is Kraljicina plaza (“Queen’s Beach”).

You’ll love it because: it will keep you looking gorgeous! One of the lagoon’s special features is medical mud. Its other claim to fame is wonderful winds for sea sports. Try out some kite surfing and wind surfing to stay fit!

Though Croatia isn’t known for its sandy beaches, as you can see, it’s got them. These are arguably the most notable. As one can imagine, there are other patches of sand to be found – there are always new ones to be discovered.

Do you have a hidden sand beach you’ve discovered in Croatia? Share your photos with us on Facebook if you do!


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