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Wine goes well with food, but not many expect it to be an ingredient to a tasty cake. However, just one glance on piece of black culinary nugget above is enough to delete all initial skepticism. Wine is alive and fully welcomed in one’s dessert, and won’t leave you disappointed with its presence in this delicacy. Here’s a recipe for this unique dish, brought to us by Nevena Buljan of Ebba’s Cuisine Blog.

What you will need (for two persons):

For cake itself:

140 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

50 g cocoa powder

2 eggs

A finger-catch of salt

1 spoon of raw cocoa seeds

1 spoon of dark sugar (can go without it, if you avoid eating sugar)

F or cake sauce:

250 ml of red wine (stronger species)

1 large spoon of honey

5 dry figs, chopped

1/3 spoon of minced cinnamon

For decoration:

Leafs of fresh thyme

Dried rose petals

Whipped sweet cream

Vanilla seed

What you will do:

First, heat up your oven to 160 °C. Next, melt butter on a frying pan, mixing it with chocolate, sugar and salt. Cool the mixture, insert eggs and continue stirring. Take four soufflé jars, cover them with butter and flour, and insert the melted chocolate. Put a few cocoa seeds on top and bake for 15-20 minutes.

While the cake is in the oven, prepare the wine syrup. Heat a pot and combine wine with dried figs. Insert cinnamon and honey, and leave on weak flame for 10 minutes. Once the syrup is thick and figs soft, this part of cooking is over. Pour the syrup on a plate, together with figs, and insert the cake in the middle of the liquid. Use thyme and rose parts for decoration, supported by whipped cream and vanilla seed.

Dobar tek!


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