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Hvar is known to be Cannes of Croatia, as most prominent celebrities of global value can be seen on its ground. These VIPs of the world dine on Hvar as well, so one expects top-notch cuisine and prime culinary offer. Thus Hvar’s scene came to reviewing pen (or better say, reviewing keyboard) of Eat the Right Stuff website, run by expert nutritionist Abby. Here is what she discovered during her first visit of the famous Croatian Island.

the first thing i noticed about eating and drinking on hvar was how much more expensive it was compared to split. this shouldn’t really have surprised me as i’d seen it described as a party island – the cannes of croatia – and the harbour in hvar town was home to some very large yachts, obviously owned by people with “cash to splash”.

the other thing i noticed was that it wasn’t easy to find places “off the tourist trail” although admittedly we weren’t trying too hard, preferring instead to stumble from pool/beach to restaurant rather than exploring the smaller places on the island – tripadvisor scores were ever-present on restaurant doors, as were multilingual staff and groups of tourists. regardless of this we managed to eat and drink very well.

gariful, a restaurant located on the harbour and just where we were dropped off by our ferry from split, was our first stop. it was full of people who had obviously dressed up and were enjoying themselves, often with a tinge of sunburn to highlight their newness to the island and delight at the sunny weather – although most people looked a little nervous when walking across the restaurant’s glass floor, overlooking an aquarium! Read more.

What were your experiences with Hvar diners and restaurants? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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