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During the traditional ceremony “Easter in Osijek”, residents of this Croatian city made something really special on the main Square of Ante Starcevic. A gigantic Easter Nest of Osijek was made in co-operation with hundreds of locals and foreigners, all of which were interested to partake in this unique feature of Slavonian city. The nest is believed to be the largest urban decoration of the kind in the world, and will be applied to officials of Guinness Book of World Records for confirmation.

Easter Nest of Osijek

The nest has 17 meters in length, while its diameter measures impressive 55 meters. It is authored by artist Nikola Faller, and over one ton of hay was used in its construction. The project was organized and financed by city officials, Osijek Tourist board and several local corporations. “Our city has a long tradition of staging unique Easter ceremonies,” said Stjepan Curaj, Easter Nest of Osijek project coordinator. “We are sure that candidateship in Guinness Book of Records will provide a boost to promotion of Osijek as an interesting tourist destination.”

Curaj also noted that professional surveyor will measure the nest, and with approval of Osijek public notary, he will send the data to Guinness office for evaluation. Vice Mayor Vladimir Ham stated that ceremonies such as this contribute to city center’s liveliness and additionally provide interest of foreign visitors to Slavonia and Baranja regions of Croatia.

The giant outdoor Easter Nest of Osijek was not the sole feature of the event, naturally. Fair offering local delicacies and specialties was also formed onsite, as well as several entertainment attractions, including trampolines much-loved by children. If this piece of news made you anxious to visit Osijek and take part in this original event, consider renting a car for one-day excursion, or even reserve your spot in the city via our online accommodation rental service.

Check out what Easter holiday looks like in Slavonia in our photo gallery below.


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