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We did our best to spare you from kitschy Easter pictures, but we couldn’t resist from posting a photo gallery of animals enjoying holiday’s celebration in Zagrebian ZOO. As the animal kingdom slowly woke up during Easter morning, it found a strange surprise. ”Somebody” has put numerous colored eggs in faunal habitats.

Some animals approached this unexpected meal with enjoyment and thrill, while others were more cautious. At the end, every animal joined the Easter breakfast, thanking the unknown donator. If it was Easter bunny, one has to congratulate his courage. It is not a small feat to leave a present in python’s terrarium undetected, while the large reptile was asleep. Animals which don’t eat eggs recieved their version of Easter surprise, in accordance with their diet.

Zagreb, 20.04.2014 - Uskrsnji dorucak za stanovnike zooloskog vrta
Zagreb’s Zoo is located in Maksimir, the oldest public park in the city. It carries the same name of its founder, Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac, who initiated the construction in 1794. Thus, Maksimir is one of the oldest public parks in Europe. Although originally a prime example of baroque style, the park was redesigned to follow romantic neoclassicism in 19th century. In 1925, a ZOO with numerous animal species was added to complex. It is still one of the most frequently visited sites in Zagreb, and residents often donate money for its projects and maintenance.

Zagreb, 20.04.2014 - Uskrsnji dorucak za stanovnike zooloskog vrta
Back to original story, it was a very unique and interesting morning in Maksimir, as can be seen from photographs below.


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