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As a culinary ingredient, ducks were not often mentioned in our daily recipe section. It’s time to correct that injustice and bring you a meal which will truly inspire you for cooking. A simple duck stew is all one needs to prepare in order to meet fine and exquisite aromas this meat provides. Here’s how you will make it.

What You Will Need

1 duck

3 thin pancetta slices

1 larger onion, minced

3 cloves of garlic

2 smaller carrots, minced

1 celery, minced

1 laurel leaf

3 dcl dry red wine

1 spoon of tomato concentrate

1 teaspoon of sugar

500 ml tomato juice

3 dcl chicken brew

Grated lemon skin

Duck Stew Preparation

Chop up the duck meat and remove its skin. Cut the pancetta slices on small track-like pieces.

Take a frying pan which is broad and shallow. Pour some olive oil, heat it, and thermally process duck meat bits until they receive brown color. Once finished, put the meat aside, replacing it with pancetta tracks in the pan. After a few minutes, insert onion, garlic, carrot and celery. Continue frying until veggies soften.

Add tomato concentrate and stir strongly. Couple of minutes later, pour wine inside and return the duck bits. Continue cooking on medium flame, until the liquid evaporates. Next step in prepping this duck stew is adding tomato juice, broth and laurel. Cover them meal, lower the heat, and continue cooking for another 45 minutes.

At the end, cover the meal with minced parsley leafs and small grated pieces of lemon skin. Before serving, don’t hesitate to take a photo of your achievement and post it to our Facebook Wall. Our online community loves to observe other people’s successes on the dining table. In case this recipe inspired you to eat duck stew, but find it too much for your cooking skills, consider ordering it in one of Croatia’s Good Restaurants.

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