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Have you ever wondered what driving a rally looks like? It is bound to be an exciting experience. Just imagine the moment when you sit in front of a raw, racing-modified steering wheel. You turn on the engine, which hums with its hundred-something horsepower orchestra. And then, you begin your race, reaching high speeds in matter of seconds. The wheels are turning in all directions, overcoming the curves with astonishing ease. And the crowds cheer around you, wishing you best position on the finish line.

Of course, words written on the internet portal can’t fully describe such experience. But internet portals can do something more. For example, they can provide their readers with a video clip made in the car’s cockpit during the race. So to answer the question from the first paragraph, this is what driving a rally looks like:

The driver in the clip is called Zarko Knego, and the car is Honda Civic. It is a well-known machine to avid car lovers, popular for its unique visual design. The clip was taken during international mountain race “Nagrada Dubrovnika”, dedicated to Zeljko Duratovic, a very influential local politician and sportsman who passed away in 2008. As the name suggests, the race takes place in the mountainous region of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Zarko’s driving skills are quite impressive, as he managed to complete the track in quick and successful ride. Dubrovnik Rivera is quite curvy, as one can see in the clip. It takes an experienced driver with strong instincts to maneuver the vehicle and get the best result. That being said, if visiting the region with your own car, stick to the regular traffic rules and obey the speed limit. High velocities are reserved for racing events such as “Nagrada Dubrovnika”, so keep yourself cozy and safe.

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