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A common donkey, also known as tovar in Croatia, poses for camera next to his home in Babine Kuce. It is a small settlement on the island of Murter, and translated, it literally means „Old Women Houses“.

The village has somewhat distinctive story for Croatian soil. Unlike other settlements in the country, which trace their histories up to Medieval times, Babine Kuce has only recently received the status of a separate urban area. In other words, it is one of the youngest villages in Croatia, recognized in 2006.

Initially a place where fisherman used to storage their gear and materials, Babine Kuce became a wanted tourist destination in recent years. Having only around 30 inhabitants (who are not necessarily old women), it is a small community in which every guest quickly acclimatizes and virtually becomes a resident.

Although situated on an island, Babine Kuce is actually located on the shores of Veliko Jezero Lake, featuring a Benedictine Monastery we already mentioned in one of our previous posts. Without a question, the scenery can fulfill every visitor’s high expectations. Peace, tranquility and easy-going life are guaranteed.

So, don’t leave donkey alone. He’d like a company for his next photo-session.

Photo: Vjekoslav Skledar / CROPIX



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