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Vedran Sucic and Leopold Botteri are two well-known names in Split. This duo stands behind some notable city localities, including konoba Ulje Oil Bar and its smaller brother Ulje Wine Bar. They also own Pikulence, a small diner which serves tapas sandwiches in Dalmatian style. Now, Sucic & Botteri come with Dnevni Boravak, a rather original spot, imagined as a combination of contemporary interior design and traditional approach to room decoration.

Dnevni Boravak

“We wanted people to feel comfortable on our new Split spot, as if they never really left their home,” Vedran Sucic explained to LC source. “That’s why we named it “Dnevni Boravak”; which translated to English means “Living Room”. But this space is much more than a common space replica.  Literally every small detail in it  has a different story to tell.”

And what stories are involved! Once, while walking the outdoors of Dalmatia, Vedran found an old oak tree lying on the ground. After a few hours spent in carpenter’s workshop, the tree ecame the wooden bar, currently in use of Dnevni Boravak. As for aluminum, the material which is quite used in Vedran’s spot, it was taken from old car coolers. Lighting system has been brought to function thanks to numerous mechanical pieces found on local electrical waste disposal.

“Furniture also has a story to tell, “Vedran continues. “ I didn’t want commercial products; they always influence the identity and originality of one’s place. But when I found old molds of tractor seats in one abandoned Italian machine factory, I knew I wanted them in Dnevni Boravak.”

If you are tired of fancy localities, and want to embrace Split originality, feel free to visit this unique locality in Dominisova Street 4. Don’t forget to share a photo or two of your time in Dnevni Boravak to our Facebook Wall.

Check out what locality looks like in our gallery below.


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