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The Adriatic Sea has always been a point of strategic interest to military commanders of Europe. Having influence over Croatian coastline meant to have a tactical advantage over competitors, and possibility to unload troops quickly in Continent’s eastern areas. This feature was important half of century ago as well, as Adriatic became a site of battle between Axis and Allies in World War II. That situation was dire is proven by a large number of underwater wreckages, one of them belonging to a so-called German Schnellboot. Diving next to warship is one of Croatia’s best scuba experiences available.

The wreckage was discovered last year in the waters of Sibenik. It was situated on traffic-heavy area, where diving was strictly prohibited. According to experts, the wreckage belongs to SchnellBoot Type S158, a fast assault vessel armed with torpedoes. Historians believe the vessel was actually sunk by Germans, who panicked that Tito’s troops might board it and use against retreating Nazi war machines.

Were you ever diving next to warship wreckage? As already stated, Croatia is a perfect destination for such and experience. Check out more localities where ghostships are located, and consider booking your air ticket to Croatia today.


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