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Croatia has been a beautiful country long before its modern state came to existence. Settled by nations of the old, such as Greek and Roman citizens, it is full of sites having high cultural value. A lot of old cities and settlements are annually discovered by archeologists in Croatia, buried below the ground and found by chance or dedicated research. However, some discoveries of the kind are discovered below the surface of Adriatic Sea. Diving above Croatian Atlantis, photographed above, is actually a scuba-diving excursion to remains of an old pavement, located in the vicinity of Split. The builders are unknown, but further research might lead to more precise results.

Archeologist on the photo above had an exciting day, as he was diving above Croatian Atlantis. Yet, if you have similar photos of yourself enjoying the country’s underwater realm, feel free to upload it to our Facebook Wall and show our online community what great time you had during being in Croatia.


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