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Croatian seas bloom with life and taking a scuba-dive beneath the surface  is always like having an underwater safari. One common fish species that you can find along Adriatic shores is called silo (pronounced „shee-lo“). Also known as jaglica, this animal can reach almost half of meter in size. However, these animals are completely harmless and have an interesting way of life.

Silo Fish

Silo fishes have capacity to change colors of their bodies, and usually dwell around bottom surfaces with a lot of vegetation. Resembling a kite above underwater meadows, the animals commonly feed on plankton. Interestingly enough, silo males are the ones that go through pregnancy, carrying the fertilized eggs in their body. This is not uncommon for beings living in naval environment, sea horses being the most popular example.

Silo Fish

This silo specimen was caught on camera near the gorgeous settlement of Komiza. Do you have your own photos with animal life in Croatia? Feel free to share them on our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to be our media contributor of the day.

Photo: Srdan Vrancic / CROPIX