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Croatia is a naval country, but one half of its soil is actually continental. These parts are not to be neglected from the tourist’s perspective, especially if they are as beautiful as Slavonia. Known as the granary of Croatia, it is a region in northeast part of the country, featuring rural terrain of large pastures, wonderful meadows and intriguing historical sites. Naturally, such fruitful area has been attracting human settlers since the ancient times, so local Croats have developed a strong cultural identity and have many tales to tell. Discovering beauties of Slavonia is easy in today’s modern world, thanks to the promotional video you can watch below:

There are many entertaining things to see and do in Slavonia, and you can read about our top seven in this article. Also, don’t miss a dip in one of the numerous marble baths existent in the region. If interested in history, educate yourself about recent archeological breakthroughs of Slavonia, and celebrate your stay with a few bites of kulen dry sausage.


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