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To many foreign visitors of Croatia, Bale is a perfect town to meet its Istrian region. It is a small settlement of hospitable residents with passion for good things in life. Surrounded by natural beauty and closeness of the Adriatic Sea, it is one of those sites you definitely wouldn’t mind to have in your voyage itinerary. Check out what Croatian Traveller wrote about Bale:

Bale is one of the most delightful hilltop villages in Istria and well worth a stop if not a prolonged stay. Medieval streets lined with 14th and 15th century houses wind in a circle around the hill, creating an urbanscape of arresting beauty. Most appealing are the occasional galleries, shops and taverns that give the town a relaxed, artsy vibe.

Only 15km southeast of Rovinj and at an altitude of 140m, Bale makes an easy day trip and a refreshing break from the coast. Yet, it’s only 8km away from the coast and the Colone Cove beaches.

It was at the aforesaid Colone Cove that a rich trove of dinosaur fossils were found. Intrigued? Stop by the Ulika gallery in Bale’s town hall to view the old bones.

One km east of Bale town traces of neolithic habitation were found. In the early Bronze age, a new settlement sprang up on the site of current Bale town that may or may not have existed at the same time as the older settlement. Fragments of pottery were found from the middle Bronze age that are currently on display in the museum of Rovinj. Most traces of this settlement were erased in the Middle Ages. Read more.

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