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Mediterranean region is known to host numerous wine grape kinds, and the small town of Momjan in Croatia serves as a home to malvasia. Well, at least tne one belonging to Kozlovic, a very respected and renowned wine brand in central Europe, which has a winery in the aforementioned settlement.

Discover the Home of Malvasia

The stunning estate is literally a structural ode to a tasty nectar and centuries of its usage in Istria region. It is an impressive feat of architectural design, signed by Zagreb-based studio Produkcija 004 and Pula-based Company Fabrika.

Located between charming slopes of Momjan Mountains, the impressive winery has over 2000 square meters in size.  It features the wine production facilities and large storage cellars, together with a tasting area for all those lucky enough to visit the place. The design is imagined to combine modern technologies and contemporary aesthetics with long tradition of Istria.

Members of Kozlovic family are always welcoming their guests, giving them a short tour of the building and sharing their wine-making stories.  Winners of several notable prizes in the industry, they are very proud of their Momjan home of malvasia, as well as their beautiful vineyards of Santa Lucia.

Ivo Ravlic / CROPIX Agency

If you don’t intend to have a dry glass during your trip to Croatia, Kozlovic winery in Momjan is a perfect location for a visit. Plus, it is located in Istria, a beautiful coastal region of Croatia known for its reddish ground and unique cultural monuments.

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