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As a naval nation, Croats are very attached to the sea, and know how to handle the ropes once the sail is set. Recently, a new brand has been formed in the country, and although it has something to do with clothes, it is not really a part of fashion industry. It is called SubCraft, and it deals with underwater gear. In other words, the newly established firm produces diving suits, bags, cameras and rifles for hunters beneath the waves.

„Swim as good as you can, no matter the surrounding water,“ was how Danijel Pintaric explained SubCraft’s founding in risky economical period. The witty executive has been a passionate scuba hunter for years, and now his small company produces high-tech gear for fellow divers on international scale. ‘On the upcoming tournament in sport fishing, the Finish team will use SubCraft equipment. Also, we are arranging a cooperation with Portugesean firm Patarica Diving.“

Bozidar Vukicevic

Danijel is proud of his merchandize. His swimming fins are using the technology of vacuum infusion and are made from carbon fibers. These materials are used in construction of formula one vehicles and space vessels.

Powered by experience and new tech, SubCraft is a name to follow before plunging in blue depths. Check out the company’s official page here.


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