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There are many apps out there, but you only need one if you plan to explore the gorgeous country of Croatia, the Mediterranean haven that quickly became among the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. Croatia By Car is not just a simple application in tablet or smartphone- it is your own ideal digital assistant that leads to new adventures, exciting activities and extraordinary dining options all across Croatian lands.

Drive. Discover. Experience. These are the catchwords of Croatia by Car digital app, presented by Hanza Media, the same very company that stands behind Croatia Times brand. Completely free and available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS), this handy digital assistant comes in English, German and Croatian language editions. Croatia by Car covers thousands of localities, allowing the users to read recommendations for shops, hotels, restaurants, family ranches, natural reserves, cultural landmarks and many other points of interest waiting to be discovered next to local highways.

Imagine yourself driving with your family and friends through beautiful Croatian landscapes. You wish to take a break, but don’t really know what kind of content is located in the highway road ahead. All you have to do is activate our app and specify your location. You will soon be introduced to nearest exit and informed about interesting places that can be visited following the departure from the highway. Thanks to this intuitive procedure, a simple desire for a quick snack can turn into a full day excursion to an old keep or a place of fascinating natural beauty.

Croatia by Car is easy to use and optimized for every user. Made by IT professionals of Hanza Media in cooperation with the leading Croatian food and lifestyle journalists, it is an app that can greatly improve your stay in the country and bring your vacation to a new level.  Whether you are a person looking for adrenaline filled excitements or somebody in search for easy-going and relaxing experiences, you can count on Croatia by Car to bring you there!

For every restaurant listed, the application will present all relevant information that may be of interest to you. Learn what kind of cuisine is being prepared, which specialties are the chef’s pride and what kind of ambience can you expect. You can also easily get in contact with the restaurant staff, inform yourself about exact address of the dining place and price range of their menu. Finally,  the app can link you with official websites and social media of the restaurants in just a few seconds.

In case you wish to prolong your stay in a certain part of country, Croatia by Car can inform you about local accommodation options. From small family hotels to traditional ranches that offer hospitality services, finding your home-away-from-home is just a matter of a few touchscreen presses. You will also learn about locality’s category, classiness level and unique features.

Croatia is known throughout the globe as the land of numerous historical sites and fascinating natural sceneries. Finding these places is easy for the drivers, as Croatia By Car comes with extensive list of their locations. Wish to explore an old castle whose sieges changed the flow of history and influenced the map of Europe as we know today? Or would you rather visit a remote grassy plain that hosts dozens of butterfly species? Whatever your choice, reach your destination in safe and precise way thanks to our app. It will literally lead you to location.

To assure that your stay in Croatia comes with no unexpected surprises, the application features a detailed list of general stores and gas stations.  It is easy to plan your journey ahead and enjoy every second of the trip. Also, the application is regularly updated, constantly getting new content and features that assist those in charge of the travel.

“Croatia by Car application was built as an idea of HAC, the governing body that safeguards quality of roads in Croatia, with support of the respective concessionaires,” said Goran Ogurlic, the chief editor of Jutarnji List daily paper and one of Hanza Media’s key officials. “We are proud to be the first medium in Croatia with such original product. I am sure it will greatly contribute to all travellers, both local and foreign, in their voyages across the country.”

What to add more? Start your engines, grab your steering wheel!

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Feature Photo: Nikolina-Vukovic-Stipanicev / Cropix