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This is what most of you imagine when daydreaming about visiting Croatia. In addition to great beaches, fine company, things to do and events to visit, the country is famous for its rich food palette. Thanks to the sceneries which accompany their diners, locals don’t have a difficult job. Dining next to Adriatic Sea surely adds to the taste, and one could eat a boiled egg and still feel as if having a royal feast.

This photo of impressive restaurant terrace was taken on Lopud. It is an island in far south of Croatian waters, sharing its immediate naval surroundings with Kolocep and Sipan. In other words, not a sea-neighborhood which one would mind being in. The photo has been filmed by our frequent reader Jon Dunn, and it just calls for dining next to Adriatic. Just imagine yourself eating prime Dalmatian delicacies at this spot, with the sound of waves heard in the back and sea-flavored freshness embracing your senses.

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