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If you ever asked yourself what a day in the life of GoT filming crew looks like, you might soon receive a very satisfying answer. In order to promote the fifth season of the much-loved fantasy serial, the producers working at HBO decided to broadcast a 30-minute documentary, depicting everyday work of GoT crew. The film will premiere on Sunday, February 8th on HBO Channel.

Day in the Life of GoT Filming Crew

Viewers will be introduced to workflow of the team behind the cameras, as well as what members of the cast go through on daily basis. They will also learn about common issues associated with the filming of such a large and complex series, and what it means to run a project featuring hundreds of individuals working in three countries.

Day in the Life of GoT Filming Crew

Despite hard work and tight deadlines, not a single day in the life of GoT filming crew goes without certain joy and passion. After all, one of the countries in which the filming takes place is Croatia, a destination with numerous localities of natural and historical value. As such, it greatly adds to inspiration of participating film-workers. Thus, Game of Thrones literally became a postcard of Croatia, drawing thousands of tourists to shores which depicted the legendary locations of George R.R. Martin’s fascinating imagination. Check out the trailer for the documentary below:

What to add? A true fan of the series will surely stay home on February 8th. The featured documentary will be a great introduction to the upcoming season 5, scheduled to premiere on April 12th. Meanwhile, it is nice to know that Croatian tourist agencies are offering “Game of Thrones Tours”, during which the attendees are brought to localities where the filming took place. Also worth noting is that the construction of “GoT theme park” has been confirmed in Dubrovnik region. According to the latest information, this unique locality will be built on the Island of Lokrum.


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