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Stormy weather might stop the naval traffic in certain circumstances, but still, life goes on. Especially the life of Adriatic Seagull, an animal which is in many ways quite symbolic of Croatia. These ‘coastal pigeons’ as one might call them are quite abundant along Adriatic shores, where they serve as a company to local sailors and fisherman.

As their very name suggests, seagulls inhabit coastal regions, and can be found all over the globe. Certain species spend their whole lives on open sea, but those living in Adriatic actually have a habit of making nests on a distance from shorelines.  These birds are omnivores and eat whatever they find. They also have a slightly bold temper, and will gladly take a grip of one’s beach meal if it is left unattended.

A lot of people are wondering how seagulls can endure high temperatures associated with naval regions without drinkable water. The answer is quite stunning. The seagulls actually drink seawater, but remove the salt through a pair of glands located in their beaks.

The charming photo of a seagull observing the seas was brought to you by our reader Hudini Foto. It was taken in the village of Slatine, located on the Island of Ciovo, in immediate vicinity of Split. The settlement has a beautiful view of Kastelanski Valley, the Mountain of Marjan, and the aforementioned Emperor’s city of Split.  Surrounded by thick forests of pine trees and gentle shores, Slatine are a good destination for summer holidays, especially if you are coming with children.

Ciovo, 120613 - Sunce izmamilo kupace na plazu u Okrugu Gornjem

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