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This Wednesday, January 17th, precisely at 7:00 p.m. according to Croatian time, adventurer Davor Rostuhar has fulfilled his dream and officially ended the country’s first expedition to distant South Pole. Using nothing but his ski gear, this dedicated individual has travelled through 1163 kilometers of harsh snow terrain, exploring Antartica and mysterious white continent.

During his adventure, Davor Rostuhar was in complete isolation, having no option for resupply of any kind. He was also not accompanied with canine followers, thus leaning only on his physical prowess and mental strength to complete the task. The only asset he had was a sled with tent, rations and equipment, weighting about 135 kilograms at the start of polar adventure.

“I’m so happy, because I proved to myself that dreams can be fulfilled. The goal was ambitious, and path to its completion was paved with a lot of work, faith, effort and dedication. I hope my tale will motivate other people, as some notable persons motivated me for this feat. Go after your dreams. It is possible to make them a reality,” Davor Rostuhar said to Croatia Times source.

The whole expedition lasted 47 days to complete. On daily average, explorer was walking between ten and twelve hours, managing to pass over 25 kilometers. Occasionally he would take a break, which cumulatively took three days of expedition. The temperatures were usually between -15 and -27 degrees Celsius. However, due to wind chill, an effect that changes perception of the temperature, Rostuhar was literally exposed to -50 degrees Celsius.

Davor was the first Croat to conquer South Pole this way, and 21st human being that completed the feat of walking to the Pole’s heart. He plans to write a book about his adventure and present it in the first half of current year. This will be a great follow-up to Rostuhar’s first title, an impressive book that depicted Croatia From Above and which was published with cooperation of National Geographic.

Hopefully, the tale of Davor Rostuhar will serve as an inspiration and encourage people to fulfill their dreams. Who knows what his next adventure will be? Time will tell, but knowing his passionate nature, we won’t wait for too long. Soon, we can expect that he will find a new challenge, and answer it with the same dedication.

Photo: Davor Rostuhar