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UEFA Euro 2016 is in its full swing, gathering thousands of soccer fans at French stadiums and millions in front of their TV-sets across the globe. But fans of electrical sounds are also glued to this competition, as David Guetta’s song This One’s For You became a major hit. Serving as an official song to the prestigious tournament, it became among the most popular musical pieces currently in the world.

Featuring the vocal accolade of Zara Larsson, This One’s For You was envisioned by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Nick Van de Wall, Ester Dean, Afrojack and Thomas Troelsen.  The whole project was imagined to promote every national team present on Euro 2016, and in order to do so, several versions of the song’s video were produced. Each of them promoted another representation, thus they differed in portrayed players and national emblems.

Dario Srna, Mario Mandzukic, Croats, Team, Soccer Cup

Here is the video related to Croatian team. As expected, everything is full of red-and-white chessboards, thrilled fans, good vibes and notable soccer players such as Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukic.  So far, the clip has been viewed by almost 400 000 people.

Croatia is still under impression by recent victory of their team over Spain, an event which greatly boosted the country’s popularity on Euro and led to hopes of new successes. Despite some issues with soccer crowds during the game with Czech Republic, the team looks forward to their future. Their next match is scheduled for Saturday, April 25th, with Portugal being their respective opponent. It will be a tough challenge, but such is always the case with participants of Euro.

At the end, who knows? Maybe Croats will win big in the finale, and somebody will give them a Trophy with words This One’s For You, Croatia.

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Back to David Guetta, his performance on the Ultra Festival in Croatia has been confirmed. The popular musician has thousands of fans in Europe, many of which will attend the grandiose event this July in Split. If you count yourself as one of them, reserve your spot on Poljud Stadium soon!


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