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Don’t know which Croatian beach to pick for your summertime fun? Have no fear. We bring you the crème de Dalmatian beaches, and provide you with everything you need to known about unique features and special traits of each resort.  So without much talk, let’s see what Dalmatia has in store for its swimmers and sunbathers. Here are some of its hottest beaches:


Located on the northern side of Dugi Otok, it is known for its white sand and turquoise waters. Sakarun is, according to many, the most wonderful beach of the Zadar Riviera, and one of the most impressive on the Adriatic Sea in general. Yacht owners love it as its wide cove has a floating berth for them to use, while people who come on foot use a ferry traveling from Zadar and Bozava (10 kilometers) or catamaran from Sali (40 kilometers).

Sakarun can also be reached by a small tourist train which leaves from Bozava every 30 minutes. The beach itself is around 800 meters wide, while shore depth rarely exceeds 3.5 meters, making it fine for swimmers of all ages. The beach is known for a large  number of so-called “vruljas,” underwater sources of cold water which provide great refreshment during the peak summer temperatures. Sakarun is surrounded by a thick pine-tree forest which visitors use as a means to escape the sun or to enjoy the delicacies of the small restaurant situated there.

Hotel “Bozava” has a stationed lounge & cocktail bar, sun umbrellas and beach bunks which can be rented for 10 HRK / 1.35 €, and a parking lot is located near the beach (daily ticket 40 HRK / 5. 30 €. If you visit Sakarun, it would be a shame not to see the picturesque settlements of Veli Rat, Seline, Dragove and Verunic in its vicinity.

Luka Gerlanc

Kraljicina plaza

The lagoon of Nin has over 8000 meters of sand beaches, but Kraljicina plaza is considered to be the most beautiful one. It is located 400 meters away from Croatia’s royal town of Nin, and can be easily reached simply by walking along the coast. Kraljicina plaza literally means “The queen’s beach,” named after the spouse of Tomislav, the first Croatian king. According to some sources, in their rare moments of family respite, the queen loved to visit this particular beach with Tomislav and enjoy its beauty. The atmosphere of Nin lagoon, the pure sand, numerous species of animal and plant life as well as the massive sight of Velebit mountain gives you impression of being in a protected natural resort.

The beach is accessible by car, which can be left on a spacious parking lot for a fee. Sunshades, beach beds and paddle boats can be rented for approximately 30 HRK / 4 € a day. Due to its shallow and clean sea, Kraljicina plaza is a perfect spot for family visits, especially for parents with small children. A part of the beach is specially reserved for babies and their first swims, while recent work added a 500-meter wide entry for disabled persons.

This royal beach also has showers, toilet facilities, four café bars, three fast food restaurants and a pizzeria in the close proximity. A hot dog on the beach costs 20 HRK / 2.65 €. A hundred meters away from Kraljicina plaza lies the largest locality of healing mud in Croatia. A fascinating feature of the beach is its constant physical change due to the ebb tide and sea currents of the lagoon, reminiscent of another great beach of Croatia, Zlatni Rat of Bol.

Andrija Lucic2


Drazica town beach is only minutes away from the center of Biograd, easily reachable by walking through a centuries-old pine forest next to the Adriatic Sea. It is a small pebble beach, 300 meters in size. It has an extremely high level of sea clarity, and numerous things to offer tourists on its grounds. A local communal service takes care of Drazica and has invested a lot in the beach’s mechanical infrastructure, so you can find machines for bubble gum as well as coin-accepting showers (1 HRK / 0.10 € per shower). Drazica also has sea access for disabled persons.

In addition to the usual beach gear, visitors can rent scooters or play sports such as sand volleyball or have fun jumping on trampolines. A number of buoys secure the beach from vessels, and a team of trained lifeguards protects everyone enjoying the beauty of this blue-flag-wielding beach. Next to the beach promenade, one can find several booths offering souvenirs, local delicacies and cold refreshments. A scoop of ice cream costs 7 HRK / 0.93 € and a slice of pizza can be bought for 15 HRK / 2 € while burgers can cost up to 30 HRK/ 4 €.

Marija Mihic 2


The beach of Zaton is situated in the tourist settlement of the same name, run by the company of Turisthotel and is approximately 15 kilometers away from Zadar. If you are vacationing in the settlement, beach access is free of charge, while outside guests pay 100-150 HRK / 13.30- 20 € per car to visit. Zaton has waved the blue flag for several years now, proving the quality of its sea and the level of its equipment. Nothing is missing in this beach located in a quiet valley and mostly made of sand.

A small path makes its way through Zaton’s wide inland area, which is over 30 meters round and thus allows for numerous games on the sand. Access for disabled persons is also available here, as well the option of gear rental (beach bulks: 20 HRK / 2.66€).  Zaton has an area reserved for pets, which is still a rarity in Dalmatia, and physically active people can enjoy paragliding or taking a splashy drive on a huge plastic banana boat. Visitors of the settlement are free to use the local pool complex, and everyone is invited to enjoy numerous massage and cosmetic centers in Zaton’s vicinity. Restaurants are also open, and complete lunch for one person costs around 70 HRK / 9.30 €.

B Slavica 2


Situated on the island of Murter, Slanica has been for decades the favorite spot of many guests, both foreign and local. Its distinctive natural sand, breath-taking view of the Kornati archipelago and gorgeous flame-like sunsets made it quite known. Guests who rest in the town of Murter are advised to visit Slanica by foot, but it is also accessible by motor vehicle and is around 700 meters away from the center of the settlement.

Younger generations love the beach aqua-slide and playground in the shallows, while adults enjoy kayaking and professional massages given in the pine-tree forests. Six separate restaurants exist on Slanica, offering its guests not just fast food, but local delicacies. However, pizza is the most frequent order made, and it costs 40 HRK / 5.30 €. The parking lot charges 20-40 HRK /2.65-5.30 €.

Niksa Stipanicev.jpg2

Plava plaza

Mentioned in many lyrics of local musicians, Plava plaza is the most loved resort of its kind in Vodice. A long cove protected by the shade of pine-trees and tamaris branches, with a strong infrastructure (access for disabled included) and lots of equipment and activities, Plava plaza is another proud wielder of the blue flag in Croatia. Even after the sun vanishes behind the horizon, people visit Plava plaza for recreation purposes, jogging being the most popular one.

Although most people reach the beach by foot, parking is available (20 HRK/ 2.65 € for half of day, 45 HRK / 6 € for all day). It is situated literally in the center of the Vodice settlement and surrounded by many café bars, restaurants, buffets and clubs. Its aquapark is a great fun for tots (daily ticket: 120 HRK / 16 €), while peddle boats can also be rented (50 HRK / 6.50 € a hour).

Those looking for relaxation and leisure might want to opt for the massage center (the cheapest treatment costing 100 HRK / 13.30 €) while the local diving center provides numerous chances for adventure below the waves. The daily rental of beach bulk costs 25 HRK / 3.30 €, and for a sun umbrella visitors pay 15 HRK/ 2 €. Such friendly prices are another reason why Plava plaza remains the most visited beach in Vodice.

Marija Mihic


One of the most beautiful beaches of Pag island and one of the most known beaches of Croatia is Zrce. It is located in the cove of the same name, around 2.5 kilometers away from the settlement of Novalja. For many, it is the most attractive and most popular beach on the Adriatic. Although Novalja territorially belongs to Licko-Senjsko County, Zrce is located on the very border with Kolan township (belonging to Zadar county) and is usually presented as a part of the Zadar Riviera. Thanks to the large number of nightclubs providing entertainment 24 hours a day, as well as the strong infrastructure for recreational activities next to the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea, Zrce welcomes guests of all ages. However, it is usually visited by younger generations, and those who feel young.

The beach is known for the unique shape of its pebbles, and steep drop of the bottom of the sea, meaning the depths of the Adriatic are open just a few meters away from Zrce.  The beach has been in possession of a blue flag ever since 2002, and in peak season it can literally host several hundred visitors. Showers, toilet facilities, life guard teams, telephone boxes, and and jet-ski rentals are only a small number of traits of Zrce. The beach is very much disabled access friendly and has a lot of catering options. Because of its active nightlife, the beach is connected with a bus line operating 24 hours a day (buses run every 30 minutes).

B Slavica

Plaza na Srimi

Recently awarded a blue flag for the quality of its services, the new beach of Srima is the work of architect Dinko Peracic who, respecting the natural beauty of the site, made minimal interventions in its space. It’s a wonderful pebble beach located in the very center of the Srima settlement and surrounded by café bars, restaurants, children’s playgrounds and fields for soccer and basketball.

Due to its tidiness, safety and tranquility, as well as its child-friendly design, it is much loved by families wanting to enjoy their time next to the Adriatic. Three separate spaces for protection from the sun, a sandbox with quartz sand, sanitary system and life guard service are a guarantee of a time well spent. Everything the beach offers is available to disabled persons. The daily rental of beach gear costs 90 HRK / 12 €, while parking is charged hourly at 5 HRK / 0.70 €. Plaza na Srimi has a beach bar and a kiosk selling local and foreign papers and magazines.

Andrija Lucic


The new beach of Sibenik was constructed on the place of town’s old industrial complex. Once cleaned from debris, it became a feature of the town itself. The fantastic view of the surroundings is Banj’s strongest trait, as its visitors can see sites such as Sibenik Bridge, the sailing route to Krka and Skradin, numerous yachts and sailboats and fishermen and sailors in their daily routines. There are also views of the medieval part of Sibenik, the fort of St. Michael (utvrda sv. Mihovila) and the Cathedral of St. James (katedrala sv. Jakova). Every time somebody visits Banj and takes a look around, the same words come out of their mouth, no matter the language they speak — “Oh, what a beautiful city!”

Niksa Stipanicev


The beach of Raduca has been active since 1966, when the town of Primosten received its first hotel. Originally, two Raduca beaches existed, but in time, they connected with each other and formed a gigantic 1600-meter-long resort, over 16,000 cubic meters in size. Visitors usually come on foot, although parking spots are numerous in the vicinity.

A slight drop into the water makes it very safe for children and senior bathers, and numerous sport fields provide entertainment for more physically active guests. Outdoor showers, gear rentals, toilet facilities and trampolines are present, as well as bars with drinks and other forms of refreshment. Primosten is known as a “City Beach” in Croatia, no doubt in part due to Raduca’s looks and the fact it is situated in the settlement’s very heart, surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream stores and souvenir markets.

Want to know more? Check in next week for more prime beaches in Dalmatia.

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