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There are many interesting love stories connected with vacation in Croatia. Some people meet attractive locals, and after some time, the couple become husband and wife. You know how it goes, right? But anyway, in case you visit Croatian coastline, chances are you might come home with a Dalmatian bride. And what should this lovely lady from the dreamland wear for the big day? A Dalmatian gown, of course! Interested to know more? Read on!

Dalmatian Bride Might Wait for You

Our story begins on St. Valentine’s Day (naturally) in Dalmatian city of Split. The traditional Wedding Fair took place for the seventh time, with previous editions taking place in Osijek, Rijeka and Zagreb. As one would expect, it gathered the best brands, firms and companies dealing with Wedding ceremonies, all operating on Croatian soil. The central event was, without question, a grandiose fashion revue introducing the “most wonderful gowns in the world”, as presented by recognized names of “Atelier La Perla” and “Vesna Sposa”. The Italian school of fashion and design Callegarija also presented their offer.

A typical Dalmatian bride doesn’t have to worry for her looks on the big day, judging from what was seen on the Fair. After all, the champagne-white color in combination with decent glitter is a guarantee of success.

In addition to fashion, flower shops “Runolist”, “St Flowers” and “Mis” presented their unique wedding bouquets, while dance club “Lambada” introduced the attendees to value of skilful dancing. After all, you need to leave a fine impression as a newlywed couple on the dance floor. People who visited the fair could also try cakes and catering items of various local pastries. Companies dealing with photography, travel services, décor and event organization also had their chance to shy. Of course, special attention was given to wedding rings.

But you don’t have to be a Dalmatian bride to have a Dalmatia-inspired wedding. Check out what is in offer to everybody around the globe in our photo gallery below


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